just love for handmade


When buying from an #handmade #maker , your buying more than just a #object Your buying hours of Failure and Experimentation. Your buying weeks , months of frustration and moments of #purejoy. Your not just buying a Thing, your buying a piece of heart in which they have put on their Soul to just make ur moment special. And most importantly your buying an Artist creation which they are truly #passionate about❣❣#respecthandmade#lovehandmade


From Pea to Pumkin


All of you being familiar with a #babyrecordbook we have designed so we are here with an other innovative gesture, something similar but still different to ..it’s a #PREGNANCYJOURNAL. No doubt those 9 months in anybody’s life are very memorable and worth cherishing later. A pregnancy journal is a blend of all such efforts describes the experiences of the going to be mother from the first time she gets the news to the last 9th month.

Explosion Box- The Love Box


Happy Saturday Crafters,
“Love is the whole and more than all” This quote remind me of the beautiful couple for whome the beautiful card was designed…. Just loved designing this card…Hope you guys like it…let us know about it.. #specialmoment #beautifulcouple #DIYIdeas #Awesomenes #love #handmadewithlove #Craftersart

We Redefine Love By Crafting

“Crafters Art” the place where you can surprise your loved ones with beautiful memories which are specially customised only for them.
It was created on 5th of November 2014. We are based in Hyderabad, India.
Designing and Crafting has always been my hobby and so was the “Crafters Art” created to make my hobby as a professional service .
We design various stuff from handmade greeting cards for various occasion, scrapbooks, mini albums, journals, record book and handmade interior decoration item.
We were a Facebook page initially and have been working for 2years which has been great experience. With this platform we would like to connect with people globally